When people think of Louisiana food, they instantly think of gumbo, jambalaya and of course, our world-famous crawfish. But that’s only the beginning – from the spices to the serving sizes and the pounds of seafood coming in straight from the Gulf of Mexico, no one else does seafood quite like Louisiana, especially Baton Rouge!

Searching for the best seafood in Baton Rouge? Here’s a list of seafood restaurants you can’t miss on your next trip to the Capital City!



A favorite amongst families and football fans since 1988, Sammy’s Grill has seafood on almost every inch of the menu (except dessert of course). From classic Cajun dishes like the Acadian Catfish to the beloved seafood platter, you’ll be able to taste a wide variety of Louisiana seafood at an affordable price.



Since opening in 2015, Roux 61 has become a crowd favorite amongst seafood and steak lovers. Roux 61 is known for perfecting the Louisiana seafood classics, while also giving you a whole new flavor experience. If you’re looking for something unique, have a go at the shrimp and alligator cheesecake or the seafood muffuletta.



If you’ve never heard of the word “lagniappe,” it means “a little something extra,” and a little something extra is what you’re going to get at Louisiana Lagniappe. Though it first opened its doors in Destin, Florida, the owners decided to move back to the homeland to serve the city. The menu features countless Louisiana favorites with something more to offer. And hey, if you can’t decide what to try, just look for a dish with the word “lagniappe” in the title – you’re guaranteed to taste something authentic with a little something you wouldn’t expect.



Located in the heart of the city under the Perkins Overpass and just off Interstate 10, you would be hard-pressed to find a local who hasn’t dined at this classic Baton Rouge staple. Parrain’s has a specialty menu of seafood that has people raving, and most reviews recommend The Maurepas or the chargrilled oysters.



Beausoleil Coastal Cuisine puts a different spin on seafood in Baton Rouge, and believe us, you're going to want to try it! Offering an extensive menu filled with items from the raw bar like sushi rolls or oysters, as well as decadent brunch options like lobster and waffles, you'll find only the freshest seafood and ingredients in each dish. 



Known as Louisiana’s largest seafood market, Tony’s Seafood also has some of the most classic and affordable seafood in the Capital City. If you’re looking for simple, authentic Louisiana seafood, this is the place to go. Tony’s features all the classic seafood po’boys, seafood boxes filled with fresh catches and even seafood gumbo by the gallon! The fact that it’s a market as well as a restaurant allows you to taste the dishes or bring fresh seafood home to cook for yourself. Tony’s Seafood is cherished by many Baton Rouge locals, and their quality and prices are hard to beat.


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Don’t let the name deceive you – while this downtown seafood joint may be known for their freshly shucked oysters, they also offer an extensive menu complete with your favorite seafood dishes. Jolie Pearl offers oysters any way you want them – raw, chargrilled, fried or baked – as well as a variety of seafood po’boys and platters.



Drago’s Seafood Restaurant is known for their legendary charbroiled oysters – so much that they were voted Best of 225’s Best Oysters in Baton Rouge. Brushed with a combination of butter, herbs and garlic and sprinkled with a blend of Parmesan and Romano cheeses, they oysters are a favorite among Baton Rouge locals and visitors alike. You could say that Drago’s is kind of an expert on the topic… On a busy day, their grills churn out over 900 dozen charbroiled oysters!



Poor Boy Lloyd’s pays tribute to the origin of what is known now as a po’boy sandwich with their historically accurate menu. Their large selection of “poor boys” features the original fried shrimp and oyster sandwiches, along with some unique options like tuna, boiled shrimp and catfish. With such close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, you’re guaranteed fresh catches every day!



Feast on all the local flavors at Drusilla Seafood Restaurant, which has been serving up an extensive menu of fried, broiled and blacked seafood dishes for over 40 years. This local favorite is sure to give you a taste of real Louisiana tradition!



Juban’s Restaurant is a Baton Rouge classic, and its seafood-centric menu has been famed for years, and for good reason! Their most famous dish, the Hallelujah Crab, features a fried soft-shell crab filled with seafood stuffing, but their menu extends to provide a variety of fish, shellfish and more.


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Phil’s Oyster Bar is one of Baton Rouge’s best-kept secrets among locals and famed LSU legends and coaches alike. This no-frills establishment offers some of the best chargrilled oysters in the city in a variety of different flavor combinations, as well as your classic po’boys, seafood platters and more.