Get Creative: Guide to the Local Art Scene

Baton Rouge’s local art scene is thriving, and you’re sure to find a touch of creativity no matter where you turn throughout the city. From the galleries filled with work from talented artists to the murals dispersed through each neighborhood, there is art around every corner in Baton Rouge, symbolizing the culture of our community.



Art enthusiasts, rejoice because we have galleries filled to the brim with pieces waiting to be admired and analyzed! Baton Rouge Gallery is housed on the site of the Brooks Community Pool Swim-In, making it an integral piece of Baton Rouge history, as well as a renowned gallery in its own right. Find rotating and permanent exhibits, as well as one of four Art-O-Mats in Louisiana, where you can dispense your very own pocket-sized piece to take home! Next, venture to Louisiana Art & Science Museum, where the front gallery is filled with work from local artist, Chase Mullen. Mullen’s Second Nature exhibition explores the intricate ecology of the Southern region through acrylics on wooden panels, skillfully merging ecology with surrealism. Finish up your gallery tour of Baton Rouge at LSU Museum of Art, located of the fifth floor of the Shaw Center for the Arts. The Museum’s 5000-work collection is highlighted in galleries of American and British portraiture and decorative arts, American Arts and Crafts pottery, Chinese Jade, and modern and contemporary paintings and sculptures, with a focus on Southern artists.

two women looking at art at baton rouge gallery



When we say we love Mimosa, we don’t mean the drink! Made by Baton Rouge local, Madeline Ellis, Mimosa Handcrafted is handcrafted bronze jewelry that combines artistry when the flora and fauna of Louisiana. Find everything from necklaces to cufflinks, all made here in Baton Rouge. For an opportunity to shop from a variety of local makers, plan your trip around the Baton Rouge Arts Market or Local Pop-Up Market. Baton Rouge Arts Market is held on the first Saturday of the month, adjacent to the Red Stick Farmers Market. Local Pop-Up is held on the last Saturday of the month at the Electric Depot. Both are great opportunities to shop work from some of our local up-and-coming makers and artisans!

Mimosa Handcrafted jewelry



Whether you prefer to admire artwork or partake in it on your own, an art class is always a good idea! Mid-City Artisans offers a large selection of classes for any medium you can think of, anything from sewing to watercolors, and you can take advantage of its location at Square 46 to dine on Indian fusion cuisine from TAP 65 or a variety of Cajun and Creole menu items at Bistro Byronz. Other great class opportunities in Baton Rouge include DIY Disco, where you can craft with cocktails, as well as bring in your own snacks to enjoy, and Bellyfire Studios, where you can take a seat at the potter’s wheel and make your own masterpiece.

LTA Summit 2024 - Art



The beautiful (literally) thing about Baton Rouge is the art found throughout the city, even when you aren’t even looking for it! Murals abound, especially in downtown Baton Rouge and Mid City, showcasing work from local artists, either commissioned by businesses or created in part with The Walls Project. We encourage you to take a self-guided mural tour of Baton Rouge, allowing you to experience the culture that makes each neighborhood unique!

two kids in front of mural in Baton Rouge