Story Ideas

Writing about the Red Stick? View our compiled story ideas below as you journey through the Baton Rouge area.

Capital Cravings

Visitors come to Baton Rouge for many reasons, but they all come with one common desire – to indulge in the extraordinary cuisines indigenous to Louisiana. From boiled, broiled, blackened and fried, visitors can try our food prepared in countless ways at one of our many restaurants! In fact, we love our food so much that we have festivals to celebrate our local cuisines. From Fete Rouge to Baton Rouge Restaurant Week to food truck round-ups, Baton Rouge celebrates the unique Louisiana cuisine that comes second to none!

Downtown Adventures

There has been a renaissance in downtown Baton Rouge. Home to award-winning restaurants, the vibrant culinary scene downtown is drawing in locals and visitors from across the globe. With almost a dozen new places to grab drinks and listen to live music, there is pulsating nightlife nearly every night! Visitors staying in one of our four unique hotels can stroll onto Third Street for a night on the town. Downtown Baton Rouge has acquired three green parks that play host to many events including concerts, festivals and even movie viewing.

Live Entertainment

For a vibrant music scene, there’s no need to look any further than Baton Rouge. From Blues to Country and Cajun to Zydeco, experience a variety of musical happenings such as the star-studded Bayou Country Superfest or the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, one of the oldest Blues festivals in America. The Red Stick is also home to many live music venues such as Radio Bar, Phil Brady’s, Red Dragon Listening Room and more! We also offer free concert series throughout the year such as Live After Five, Sunday in the Park and Rock ‘n’ Rowe – so grab your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie on the bayou!

Cultural Immersion

Baton Rouge is a place where visitors can experience the state’s deep and colorful history as told through the area’s historical architecture and rich countryside. Follow along our Black History Trail as it tells the story of our culture through the contributions and experiences of African Americans in Baton Rouge.

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