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Visit Baton Rouge is able to successfully promote Baton Rouge thanks to its partnerships with local industry and hospitality businesses such as the following:

Hotels - Restaurants - Attractions - Retail - Events - Venues - Visitor Services

Together, Baton Rouge tourism and the hospitality industry can thrive and provide a positive economic impact on our community.

Visit Baton Rouge offers a magnitude of benefits and programs for our partners. Let Visit Baton Rouge help you promote your business to leisure and business travelers and reach nearly 4 million visitors to Baton Rouge each year!

10 Ways to use Visit Baton Rouge's Marketing Services as a Resource for Your Business

Best of all, becoming a Visit Baton Rouge Hospitality Industry Partner is free! If you'd like more information on becoming a partner or the benefits of being a partner, let us know.


This is an educational and informational library to learn more about your access and the features available on Visit Baton Rouge's Partner Portal. The information is provided to you through video and written step-by-step instructions to help you navigate your way through the Partner Portal. 

How To: Add Visitor-driven Events on Visit Baton Rouge's Calendar of Events 

How To: Add Images and Videos on Visit Baton Rouge's Partner Portal

How To: Add Special Offers and Discounts on Visit Baton Rouge's Partner Portal

How To: Add or Update Amenities on Visit Baton Rouge's Partner Portal

How To: Update Contacts on Visit Baton Rouge's Partner Portal

How To: Update Listings on Visit Baton Rouge's Partner Portal

How To: Add Social Media


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Partner Series

In 2021, Visit Baton Rouge kicked off the series "Prepared for Company" that showcases the hospitality industry, partners, stakeholders and leaders of the community that are making an impact in our area. With hosts Raina Vallot and Sherin Duwad, this special series airs quarterly on our Youtube channel and features a special guest/interviewee every episode. See just how much the power of tourism holds when you tune in to "Prepared for Company!" Be sure to check out our partner newsletter for episode release dates.