It’s not hard to believe that Louisianians love Thanksgiving--it’s a whole day dedicated to food! Being named one of the “Top Foodie Destinations” by The Meetings Magazine this year, the food culture of Baton Rouge has been put into the spotlight. There are also traditional activities to try that are fun for the whole family. If you come down to Baton Rouge this holiday season, experience Thanksgiving like a true Cajun.


Eat Like a Cajun

In Louisiana, food is much more than just a meal, it is an experience, an art and a tradition. Holiday meals, like Thanksgiving dinner, allow families to share recipes, traditions and knowledge. Each family does it differently, but if you go to a Thanksgiving dinner in Baton Rouge, you might come across a few Southern staples like a boiling pot of gumbo. Believe us, these delicious dishes are definitely worth a try. The perfect side for that turkey and gravy is a Cajun county staple: cornbread dressing with various meats and vegetables. For the adventurous people, try this Creole classic: oyster dressing made with French bread crumbs. Finally, there’s nothing sweeter than finishing off a Thanksgiving meal than with a candied sweet potato casserole for dessert. With toasted Louisiana pecans and a pinch of cayenne pepper for kick, be sure to savor every bite as it may be gone when you go back for seconds. No one can complain about a full belly when it’s full of Louisiana food. If you're visiting Baton Rouge over Thanksgiving or just don't feel like doing the cooking yourself, many Baton Rouge restaurants will be open Thanksgiving Day and serving up these Cajun favorites.


Celebrate Like a Cajun

Music is in the soul of every Louisiana native. Whether you simply appreciate the tune or can pluck a few chords yourself, it’s impossible to not dance to the sound of Cajun music. After all, music and dance is the ultimate way for Cajuns to have a proper fais-do-do (celebration)! Dust off those dancing shoes this holiday season and attend the Swing Dance Social in the Mid City Ballroom on November 24 or a Cajun dance class with the Cajun French Music Association of Baton Rouge on December 8. Experience Cajun music live at Blues Jam on Thanksgiving Day at the famous Baton Rouge blues bar, Phil Brady’s! For a fun activity for the whole family, find an outdoor music event and dance to Cajun, rock, jazz, and more genres of music. Bring the sound of Cajun music to your home by making a playlist with some of Louisiana’s favorites including AM/FM Band known as “Louisiana’s Hottest Cover Band,” Pine Leaf Boys whose songs are sung in Cajun French, The Red Stick Ramblers from Baton Rouge, and T’Monde Cajun Band. Grab a “bon ami” and have a Cajun celebration that’ll make all of your friends say, “Ca c’est bon!”


Tap Into Your Inner Cajun

Spending time with family is a treasured time to those in the capital. Whether you’re visiting family from out of town or introducing friends to the city, there is plenty to show off. If you just haven’t had enough of Cajun cooking, head to Jerry Lee’s Cajun Foods to pick up fresh cajun staples like boudin made on site. If you’re of legal drinking age, take a tour of a local brewery like Tin Roof Brewing Co. or Cane Land Distillery.

If you’re only here with us for a short time, take a look at our 24-hour Baton Rouge Itinerary to experience Louisiana culture in just a day.

Thanksgiving Dining

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