Students, young adults, and parents alike all strive for the perfect cup of coffee at any time during the day. Here in Baton Rouge, we love freshly brewed coffee and a cute place to sip it in. This International Coffee Day, have a taste of some of the best coffee spots in Baton Rouge:



Rêve Coffee Lab

Rêve Coffee Lab (pictured), is also nicknamed Reve stick and located in the white Star Market. They are a long arm from across the Atchafalaya, extending from their mother ship Reve Coffee Roasters in Lafayette, where they roast all their juicy coffee beans. Rêve's main focus is quality-vs-quantity, precision, creating community, and creativity.  The word "Rêve" is a French word for "dream" and the coffee shop encourages everyone drinking Rêve Coffee to hear your neighbor's story, share your dreams and taste your heritage


This New Orleans staple has found its home in Baton Rouge and it is here to stay. With the bright atmosphere and bubbly baristas, French Truck has become the talk of the mid-city coffee scene.

Owner Geoffrey Meeker told 225 Magazine, “We’re like fine dining, but for coffee.” The cafe even has its own in-house roaster for its specialty beans, assuring your cup will be high quality and highly delicious.


Get your polaroid cameras ready because this just might be the most aesthetically pleasing cafe in Baton Rouge. Recently opened this year, Lighthouse has received endless praise for its visually pleasing atmosphere and delicious brews. With locally made baked goods and fresh coffee beans shipped from Tulsa, Oklahoma, it has gained popularity among locals and visitors. The owner, Amber Elworth, opened up Lighthouse as a way for refugees to be able to integrate into Louisiana society and culture by employing them at the cafe. The spot also sells handmade jewelry and gifts from a local company called Hands Producing Hope to help refugees and their families learn crafts for income. Not only does this coffee shop have an incredible purpose, but the coffee they serve is quality and delicious. So bring your laptop, friends, a camera and enjoy. 


While on vacation in Italy, a married couple had a cup of coffee they have never forgotten. They decided to open a cafe in Baton Rouge where coffee with Italian influences could be served. With a wide variety of menus and coffees to try, Magpie has been a classic spot for all ages. The Baton Rouge community received Magpie’s vision and coffee so well, a second location has opened downtown. Head over to the Overpass or Downtown location and have yourself a delightful cup of Italian inspired coffee.


No college campus is complete without a cute coffee shop. This LSU staple is where countless students have gone to recharge with a cup of fresh coffee, study for a big exam, or simply chat with friends. With coffees roasted in-shop and specialty drinks to try, it’s no wonder this place is always packed. Sipping a Highland Coffees beverage, sitting in the courtyard outside while listening to music is every student’s favorite way to pass the time.


Have you ever wanted to sip coffee, eat brunch, and look at art at the same time? If so, Brew Ha-Ha! cafe is the place to go! With local art hung all over the walls and a menu that can please any palate, this cafe has become a favorite amongst locals. Though it has become notorious for its extensive cake ball selection, the coffee is right up to par. If you’re looking for a fun experience with your cup of coffee, visit Brew Ha-Ha!’s quirky atmosphere.


If you’re a coffee lover who enjoys the outdoors, Garden District Coffee is a must-visit. With a large outdoor seating area and free WiFi, this spot allows you to get work done wherever you choose to sit. It’s been said this is one of the perfect places to get your work done in Baton Rouge.


For all you busy parents out there, you can still have your cup of (much needed) coffee. Java Mama is a cafe with a play area so you can get your work done while your child is entertained. It has been called a sophisticated coffeehouse will supervised play areas so both parents and children are happy. Java Mama does specials every week such as music time with a pre-school music teacher, storytime with the East Baton Rouge Library, and coffee happy hour.