There’s just something about summer that makes us crave a good burger, and luckily, Baton Rouge is home to some of the very best. Ask around, and you’re certain to hear a few different answers, but many remain the tried and true favorites among locals. Whether you like them chargrilled, basic or topped with all the fixings, a burger in Baton Rouge is sure to hit the spot.



DIY, but make it burgers! While you (thankfully) won’t be cooking this burger yourself, you can choose from their list of pre-topped burgers or build it yourself! Build your own burger from the patty up – you’ll have a choice of ground beef, organic ground beef, brisket or filet, as well as a full list of bun options, toppings, cheeses, sauces, veggies and more.



Even before its brick-and-mortar days as a food truck, Curbside has been taking the Baton Rouge burger scene by storm. Keep it simple by ordering a Curbside Classic or branch out and try one of their staff-developed burgers topped with housemade sauces and all the toppings you could dream of!



Since first opening its doors in the ‘50s as a pharmacy and lunch counter, Dearman’s has been a Baton Rouge staple! While the aisles may not be filled with prescriptions and drugstore items, you can still come in and try what’s rumored to be one of the best burgers in Baton Rouge in an iconic diner setting.


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Don’t let its unassuming exterior (or name) mislead you – frequenters of Third Street’s Downtown Seafood RAVE about the burger. The burger is as simple as they come, but it’s packed full of flavor.



Located close to LSU, George’s Southside is a Baton Rouge staple – just ask any local! Choose from a selection of your classic burger or cheeseburger, bacon burger, and even a veggie burger, and see for yourself what the craze is about.



If you’re looking for a downhome, neighborhood joint, then Goodwood Grill is your place! Their burger combo is a tough one to beat, and if you’re really feeling crazy, go for the megaburger, complete with bacon, mushrooms, jalapeño, grilled onions and cheese.



Our Mom’s Restaurant and burgers go hand-in-hand – just look for yourself! Offering a variety of burgers ranging from classic to unique to adventurous, you can order everything from an original burger to burgers slathered in Nutella, and all burgers are made from 100% beef, hand pressed and cooked to order.



Rumor has it that The Overpass Merchant has one of the best burgers in Baton Rouge, and it’s not so much a rumor as it is the truth that Tuesdays are special days at The Overpass Merchant for burgers. Made from a blend of chuck, brisket and short rib, you can build your burger yourself or enjoy a specialty burger on Tuesdays.



Being that Roul’s Deli is a local foodie paradise, it comes as no surprise that their burgers are among some of the best in Baton Rouge. You’ll find a selection of burgers made from a half pound of beef (some even having two patties!) topped with items such as jalapeno sauce, avocado and even chicken or shrimp.



Yes, you heard us right. Superior Grill is more than just Tex-Mex, maybe even home to one of the best burgers in Baton Rouge. All their burgers are grilled over a mesquite fire, making the flavor as unique and delicious as those infamous margaritas.