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Dearman's Diner & Soda Shop

  • 7633 Jefferson Highway Bocage Villeage Baton Rouge, LA 70809
  • (225) 924-1391

Dearman’s Diner & Soda Shop’s customers are loyal!

Whether they’ve had an appetite for burgers and shakes or an appetite for nostalgia, something has kept them coming back to the no-frills, ’50s-style restaurant in Bocage Village.

Dearman’s, an iconic Baton Rouge restaurant has, however, updated over the decades. Dearman’s Drug Store opened in the late 1950s, complete with a lunch counter and soda fountain—a setup common in neighborhood pharmacies. The drug store became known for its burgers and nectar cream sodas. The Dearman family sold the store after about four decades, and the space became a full-service restaurant. Renovations created the signature retro diner aesthetic. 

Through the decades, the burgers, fries, milkshakes and nectar sodas have remained staples. The current menu reads almost the same as it had before the fire, save for a new veggie burger and a fried chicken sandwich.  Come enjoy a Baton Rouge tradition of nostalgia with the locals!

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