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Women are making history year-round in Baton Rouge, and Women’s HERstory Month is just another opportunity to celebrate the hardworking and courageous female entrepreneurs in our city. With entrepreneurial endeavors that include attractions and entertainment, restaurants and caterers, retail and other ventures, we’ve rounded up a list of women-owned businesses that you can support throughout the year!




More women-owned attractions and entertainment in Baton Rouge:


Women-Owned Restaurants & Caterers


More women-owned restaurants & caterers in Baton Rouge:


Women-Owned Retail Shops


More women-owned retail shops based in Baton Rouge:


Women-Owned Salons & Body Care Shops Based in Baton Rouge


More women-owned salons and body care shops based in Baton Rouge:


Other Women-Owned Businesses:


Other women-owned businesses in Baton Rouge: