There’s no place like Baton Rouge for game day! With two major universities, LSU and Southern University, the city is always bustling with fans from home and opposing teams during game weekends. So, aside from the game, what is there to do? We’ve rounded up our picks on how to spend a game weekend in Baton Rouge!



Live music fills the city each weekend, and you're sure to find tunes to listen to in every neighborhood throughout the city. Starting on Sept. 15, game weekends will kick off with Live After Five, a free concert series held on Friday evenings from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. in downtown Baton Rouge. This year’s Live After Five lineup will feature some local favorites, ranging in genre from blues to 90s covers, and believe us, live music and picturesque views of the Mississippi River are the perfect start to an amazing weekend.




It goes without saying that here in Baton Rouge, we love to eat. Louisiana is known for its cuisine, and Baton Rouge is no exception – the dining scene is made even better by the different cultures that have influenced the culinary options throughout the city. Here in Baton Rouge, you’ll find it all. Local favorites are sure to include cuisine unique to the Bayou State, such as crawfish etouffee and red beans and rice, as well as options spanning from Italian, Indian, Mexican and Caribbean. Here’s our game day pro tip: start your morning with the iconic Baton Rouge breakfast of beignet fingers and café au lait from Coffee Call or opt for something savory from Louie’s Café, a staple among LSU students.




As the state capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is a hub for historical landmarks you can’t miss. Explore the hundreds of years of history by visiting Louisiana’s Old State Capitol and the Capitol Park Museum – the Old State Capitol will lead you through our state’s infamous political history, and Capitol Park Museum contains nuggets of knowledge on the industry and development of our great state. Many landmarks are located only a few blocks from each other, but if you want to take a more leisurely approach, book a tour of the city. BatonRouge tours range from walking tours to bus tours, and for a good time, you can explore it all while sipping on libations on the Pedal Pub – a party bike created for you and 15 of your closest friends, perfect for exploring the sights of the Capital City.




Louisiana is home to unique flora and fauna, and you would be remiss if you were visiting Baton Rouge and didn’t get to experience it. Stay close to the city and explore Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, where you can learn all about nature, as well as take boardwalks and graveled paths to experience different types of habitats or walk the 4-mile trail around the LSU Lakes, where if you time your trip right, you’re sure to spot a flock of elusive white pelicans. Baton Rouge also hosts a great park system, and you can find more hiking trails spread out throughout the city and parish.



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Grabbing a postgame drink is a must, whether you’re looking to celebrate a victory or mourn a loss! Downtown is bustling with bars ranging from lowkey cocktail lounges, such as The Main Lobby, or places to dance the night away, such as Happy’s Irish Pub. Keep it chill at Mid City Beer Garden or try your hand at yard games at Uncle Earl’s. Upbeat and energetic or relaxed and laidback, there’s a postgame vibe for everyone!