In my third blog about each contestant, I want to introduce y’all to 10 more Miss USA contestants and share their Road to the Crown stories. You’ll learn some interesting facts about each one, I must say!

You may have seen Miss Florida USA in a Conair commercial. Or on Project Runway. Watch Brittany Oldehoff’s Road to the Crown story:

Miss Georgia USA “had a grill before it was popular.” Watch Tiana Griggs’ sweet and inspiring Road to the Crown story:






Miss Illinois USA has been dancing since she was four. Lexi Atkins is used to acting as other characters. Watch how she’s excited to just be herself in her Road to the Crown story

Miss Kentucky USA can spin a basketball on her finger. Destin Kincer says “don’t tell people your dreams, show them.” Watch how she does just that in her Road to the Crown story:






Taylor Burton is about to compete in her second pageant. Ever. Watch how Miss Maryland USA isn’t your typical “pageant girl.”

Miss Utah USA taught herself how to play the piano. Watch Angelia Layton’s Road to the Crown story:



Miss West Virginia USA is VERY superstitious about Friday the 13th. Watch why in Charisse Haislop’s Road to the Crown story:








Miss Washington USA founded a nonprofit called the Esther Generation. Watch Allyson Rowe’s inspiring Road to the Crown story:


Miss Wyoming USA is a middle child who just gained 50 “sisters for life.” Watch Lexi Hill’s Road to the Crown story:

Miss Wisconsin USA could probably beat anyone in a pogo stick competition. Watch Bishara Dorre’s Road to the Crown story:

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Chelsey Laborde, Guest Blogger
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