And to continue my Road to the Crown blog series, meet ten more Miss USA contestants with stories as unique as each of the states they represent.

Leading us off with a southern gal from Alabama…(#RTR?)

Miss Alabama says Selma, Al. is the definition of a “small town.” Hmmmm, I’m wondering if she’s ever been to Marksville, La.? Watch Jesica Ahlberg’s Road to the Crown story:

Kendall Bautista, Miss Alaska, is a journalism major always looking for a story. Watch hers here:

Cassandra Kunze has a 92 year-old grandmother. Wow. I hope I can say the same for both of my grandmothers one day! Watch Miss California's Road to the Crown story:

Miss Arkansas has had her hands busy as a first-year teacher in Arkansas. Her Road to the Crown story is pretty awesome:

Did you know the original name for the state of Iowa was “Corntopia?” I promise, Miss Iowa is not too corny (ha). Watch Carlyn Bradarich’s Road to the Crown story:

Elizabeth Ivezaj is the only person in her family to graduate from college. That right there is an accomplishment. You go, Miss Michigan. Watch her Road to the Crown story:

Miss Maine works at an ice cream shop in her hometown called Beals that sounds quite delightful right now. Watch Samantha Dahlborg’s Road to the Crown story:

Miss District of Columbia has an awesome picture with Barney in her Road to the Crown story. I’m loving it because of my love for Barney as a child too (and Aubree now loves him too). Learn more about Ciera Nicole Butts:

Mekayla Diehl is from Michiana. Huh. Who knew that was a region? Watch Miss Indiana's Road to the Crown story:

Arielle Rosmarino placed second in the nation for blowing bubbles with bubble gum at the age of 14. Watch Miss Virginia's unique Road to the Crown story:

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