Why Travel and Tourism Matters

2016 was another record-breaking year for the tourism industry in Louisiana, with the state seeing more visitors than ever. Being one of the largest industries and the fourth-largest employer in the state, Louisiana and the capital city of Baton Rouge depend on the travel and tourism industry’s ability to create jobs, stimulate economic recovery and drive needed tax revenue.

Visit Baton Rouge and our local tourism industry partners work to share Baton Rouge’s unique culture and promote the city, both domestically and internationally, to attract business and leisure travelers here. When a destination attracts visitors, everything from local businesses to public services and residents win.

What does tourism mean for Baton Rouge? 


Tourism Week Stats



Visitors to Baton Rouge Create:

Tourism week stats 875 Tourism Week Stats Jobs Tourism Week stats 151.6


A strong travel and tourism industry:

Attracts world-renowned entertainment.

A stronger tourism industry allows Baton Rouge to better compete with other similarly-sized cities for entertainment opportunities. That means more sporting events, concerts, restaurants, conventions and more for you and your family to enjoy.

Gives back to local communities.

Travel and tourism creates jobs and generates tax revenue for local communities, which in turn, help pay for important public services.

Provides essential support to state and local governments.

Travel generated $1.04 billion in total tax revenue in Louisiana in 2016. That means the tax revenue generated through travel and tourism spending saves each household in Louisiana $601 a year in taxes that would be needed to maintain current revenues.

Creates a virtuous cycle of economic benefits.

Travelers visiting a destination spend money at local attractions, hotels, retail, restaurants and on transportation. Travel spending supports local jobs and generates additional tax revenue for state and local governments to invest in enhanced public services for residents and visitors alike.

Helps destinations attract visitors and businesses.

Destinations that are able to provide a range of travel-related offerings are not only likely to draw more visitors, but also attract new businesses and skilled workers.

Leads to faster growth than other regions.

Destinations with a higher concentration of visitor-related industries tend to grow faster than other regions. Not only does travel and tourism create jobs in its own industry, but it also improves the quality of life for residents and has a positive impact on perceptions of a destination for residents, potential employees, students and businesses.



National Travel and Tourism Week – May 7- 13, 2017

nttw 2017 logo


Every year, the U.S. Travel Association uses National Travel and Tourism Week to promote the impactful contributions travel markets and organizations make to the economy. This year’s theme shines a spotlight on the power of travel by recognizing the millions of people who keep this industry strong: the Faces of Travel. 

In Baton Rouge, we'll be highlighting the faces of the Baton Rouge Travel and Tourism industry from our hotels, restaurants, attractions and other partners. These people are on the front line, representing our city every day, and their hospitable nature leave a positive impact on the visitors to Baton Rouge.

Read their stories by liking Visit Baton Rouge on Facebook and following along with the hashtag #BatonRougeTourism all week long.