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River Center Branch Library

  • 250 North Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70802
  • (225) 389-4967

The River Center Branch Library comprises some 48,316 square feet over its four floors, the library includes nearly 64,000 volumes in its collection. The River Center Branch Library connects our citizens with information, resources, materials, technology, and experiences in order to make a positive difference in their lives. Points of Interest: Situated next to Bernardo de Galvez Plaza which holds 2 bronze sculptures by the late Frank Hayden. The two sculptures are (1) a large relief which incorporates the words "What mortal or God comes here in his rage, to trouble the gentle peace of my happy banks" and (2) a giant bust of Oliver Pollock. In the greater River Center Plaza area there are also four works by Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović: (1) Migrating People—"A relief of human figures in proper right profile, in repeating and overlapping form;" (2) Woman Playing the Cello; (3) Woman Playing the Violin; and (4) Pieta—"a stylized figure of the Virgin Mary."

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