Planning group activities allows your team to come together, find solutions and better interact with each other. With a meeting in Baton Rouge, say goodbye to awkward ice-breaker games and try out these five ways to bond with your team. 

1. Escape Rooms  

Interactive themed rooms filled with puzzles, clues, riddles and adventures have swept the nation, and Baton Rouge’s most clever minds have captured the craze with a twist of their own. Escape rooms allow your team to not only work together to obtain a goal, but also to interact and solve problems in a timely fashion. Learning real-life business skills while you have a blast? Yes, please.

Uncover the mysteries of an abandoned diner room at Sequestered Escape or crack codes in a Casino-themed room from Eye Spy Escape Rooms. For those who love a spookier time, dare to face the challenges at the infamous 13th Gate. The 13th Gate’s own Cutthroat Cavern experience was ranked the Best Escape room in the US in 2018! Get your adrenaline pumping and put your brains together for a bonding activity that everyone will enjoy. 

2. Rock Climbing  

The key to rock climbing is not upper body strength (surprisingly)—it’s teamwork! Spar your colleagues and watch them reach new heights at Baton Rouge’s favorite rock climbing gym, Uptown Climbing. With group reservations available, rock climbing can give your team the ability to try something new, conquer fears and set goals together. This activity will teach you all to support each other, both mentally and physically. 

3. Nature Hikes

Baton Rouge has such stunning scenery for all to explore, and one of the most intriguing spots is right off of Bluebonnet! BREC’s Nature Center is a 103-acre conservation site where you can see rooms full of reptiles and an array of artifacts, as well as meet countless other creatures. You and your team can explore the outdoors at the Bluebonnet Swamp Trail, which has gorgeous viewing platforms, bridges and paths through tall trees and green leaves. Look closely to spot natural wildlife during your expedition!

4. Swamp Tour   

Louisiana nature has sights and scenes that you can’t experience anywhere else, especially the mysterious beauty of the swamp. With tall trees growing out of the water to countless fish and other creatures swimming below the surface, there is much to see and experience. It’s a well-known fact that alligators roam the swamp waters of Louisiana, and if you’re lucky, you may see one in person! There are many options for swamp tours in and around Baton Rouge, from walking through the Bluebonnet Swamp Trail or taking a boat out into the wild. Click here to see Baton Rouge’s many swamp tour services. 

5. Get Competitive  

Looking for some friendly competition in the Red Stick?  If your team is seeking vacation vibes, play beach volleyball at The Oasis with sand volleyball courts, a restaurant and bar. For another evening of competition, see who is the golf champion at Topgolf or the bowling master at Red Stick Social, Baton Rouge’s newest space for all things social. Add some live music, dinner, drinks and dancing for an all-around perfect night with your colleagues. 

Visit Baton Rouge’s Destination Experience Department is available to help you add more fun, culture and team building into your meetings and conventions. Head on over to to start planning  an authentic Louisiana experience that your attendees will never forget