February 26, 2019

Ebb & Flow Festival Expands to a Full Season of Cultural Offerings; Baton Rouge as a hub of Arts and Culture

Baton Rouge, LA. The many independent festivals, performances, and exhibits that occur each year in March and April, including the Third Street Songwriter’s Festival, Red Stick FutureFest, Young Entrepreneurs Academy Baton Rouge, Live After Five, Baton Rouge Blues Festival, and Ebb & Flow Festival will be featured as part of a full Ebb & Flow Season in 2019. ART FLOW, a juried visual art exhibition produced in partnership between the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge and Forum 35, will tie the events together from March 10 – April 15, 2019. Through Art Flow, Louisiana artists will display work in venues in and around downtown Baton Rouge, with the added opportunity for the public to participate in voting for their favorite work of art through a free APP nicknamed FLOWBR.
The FLOWBR APP will not only allow the public to cast their votes, but will also provide information on the many festivals, performances, exhibits, and events occurring during March and April. “FLOWBR” is an easy way to access events for visitors and tourists, as well as giving residents information specifically about arts events falling under the Ebb & Flow season. Future plans include expanding FLOWBR to include other festivals and arts happenings year-round.
Each festival and event will retain its autonomy, with the Ebb & Flow season being a unifying theme to enhance the city’s branding as the capital center for culture and innovation. “Connecting these festivals, events, and happenings allows the city to promote innovation, arts, culture, livability and community connectedness, as well as its unique location on the Mississippi River,” said Renee Chatelain, the Arts Council’s President/CEO.
Inside of the season, the two-day outdoor Ebb & Flow Festival on April 6 & 7, 2019 will promote a large number of local and regional visual and performing artists, entrepreneurs, French, Creole, and English storytellers, water ecology groups, recreational organizations, and libraries, among other experiences in the downtown area from LASM on the Mississippi River, through Repentance Park and the Town Square,
around the Shaw Center for the Arts and along Third Street. Inspired by Baton Rouge’s identity as the capital of Louisiana and its unique location on the on the Mississippi River, the Ebb & Flow Season celebrates artists, expands cultural understanding, encourages critical discourse, transforms urban space, promotes the collective economic and ecological connection to water, and all things that ebb and flow.

Ashley Fabre