JUNE 10, 2021



Baton Rouge, La. – On June 9th of 2021, Mayor-President Weston-Broome’s proclamation declaring the month of June 2021 “Pride Month” was read into the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council’s record during their general assembly by Councilman Aaron Moak of Baton Rouge’s 4th District.

“Congratulations to all of you,” said Mayor Pro Tem Lamont Cole, “Councilmember Moak, let me say congratulations to you...I think I speak for all of us when I say this, we all support you greatly, appreciate working with you, and look forward to working with you in the future.”

This initiative was led by Councilman Moak, who is the first openly LGBTQ+ elected official in the state of Louisiana. Promptly following the announcement of Mayor-President Weston-Broome’s proclamation, Councilman Moak also recognized the outstanding work of community members and organizations that have supported the LGBTQ+ community including: Jeremy Longmire, Chansely Dykes, and Guy Schmieder of George’s Place for their 50th anniversary; Chris Bradford, Thomas Merrill, Carlos Perez, and Caleb Keller of Baton Rouge Pride; and Corey Wise and Quentin Little of Splash Nightclub.

“I'd like to thank Councilmember Moak for his continued support of Baton Rouge Pride and the LGBTQIA+ community by helping to secure the 2021 Pride Month Proclamation, said Baton Rouge Pride Chair Chris Bradford. “The strength that he exemplified today by standing in front of the entire Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council, and telling his story was both extremely brave and heartwarming. We are looking forward to his continued support and future work with the Baton Rouge LGBTQIA+ community.”