Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival

July 21, 2022

Brooke Thorington



Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival Returns July 30th

It’s almost time to roll out the green carpet for the Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival. The annual event was canceled the last two years due to COVID, but the event is back for its 12th screening of Irish Films. This year’s festival is abbreviated from those in years past and is being held July 30th at Celtic Media and August 1st at Phil Brady’s Bar & Grill.

“Celtic Media has been a longtime festival partner and we are extremely pleased they’ve opened their doors for attendees to view the nine shorts we’ve selected to vie for the O’Kalem Award for Best Short Film,” said Festival Co-Chair Brooke Thorington.

Pub night will be Monday, August 1st at Phil Brady’s Bar & Grill. This year’s free screening will be the 1991 classic Irish film The Commitments.

“Phil Brady actually spearheaded the inaugural film festival in 2009 and his namesake establishment remains faithful to us and hosts Pub Night,” said Festival Co-Chair Aaron Bayham.

Tickets for the Saturday, July 30th screening of short films at Celtic are available at Eventbrite for $15.00. There will be a matinee at 2pm and an evening showing at 7pm. Both screenings will show the same nine shorts.

2PM Matinee 

7PM Screening

“We are also thrilled that Ailís Logan, executive producer, writer, and actress of Wine Lake will be joining us to introduce her short film,” said Bayham.

Attendees will also view our 2019 O’Kalem Winner Ruby and an acceptance speech from director and writer Michael Creagh.

The Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival is hosted by the Baton Rouge Irish Club.

“We would not be able to hold this beloved festival without the generosity of our sponsors. Their funding is vital for the club to present Irish films to the community,” said Thorington.

Sponsors include Celtic Media, Robert Lucky Law Firm, Visit Baton Rouge, Gatorworks, and The UPS Store, Prairieville, LA.

Organizers hope to return to a larger venue in 2023 and have full-length feature Irish films in addition to short films.

*Due to the uptick in COVID cases and a recent outbreak at the Irish Club’s most recent event on July 9th face masks are highly encouraged and will be provided at the door.

Wee Irish Film Day - Short Films 2022

Day in the Sun – (Drama) When Peter notices his friend Brian is experiencing the telltale symptoms of advancing Dementia, he enlists the help of a few special people to pull off the impossible. County allegiances are put to one side as the rural Monaghan community become Fermanagh fans for one very special day in the sun. 15 minutes

Sleuth (Comedy) Jake's family has been up to some suspicious behavior. He is 10 now and will not be left in the dark! Jake decides it's time to do some detective work. As our Sleuth puts the pieces of the puzzle together, he starts to think that maybe his Mam, Lisa, is conducting some espionage of her own. 11 minutes

The Yellow Dress (Drama) Aisling will do anything to get her mother, Marion, out on a date and wearing her yellow dress again - the one that reminds Aisling of the vibrant, carefree woman Marion used to be. Going on a date is the last thing Marion wants and she can’t imagine getting into a sexy dress again after having a recent mastectomy. Filmmaker Deborah Grimes dedicates the film in memory of her mother Phyllis Mary Grimes. 15 minutes

Mam’s Old Chair (Animation) A film about community and the joy that can be garnered from everyday objects. The chance find of an old chair highlights how locally sourced, locally made goods can be repaired and reused across many generations. 3 minutes

Wine Lake (Drama) A homeless Irish alcoholic and an artistic backpacker clash on a Sydney street. The backpacker becomes the focus of her anger over a misunderstanding. But the backpacker’s innocence catches her off guard and they quickly develop an unlikely connection over his art. The pair discover the power of genuine self-expression and creativity. 10 minutes

Sentinel (Thriller) With his father’s dementia progressing, things quickly take a turn for the worse when Carl hears news that his dad is nowhere to be found in his new care home. 13 minutes

Signal (Sci-Fi) The friendship of two young boys is put to the test as they set out to build a radio to communicate with something otherworldly. 10 minutes

I’ll Be Frank (Drama) For teenager Danny, with regards to musical taste - he did it his way. He got a kick out of Sinatra, not Sheeran. Regrets? Potential social isolation. But will his love for Ol' Blue Eyes get under his skin - or be his salvation? 16 minutes

Ruthless (Comedy/Drama) In 1970’s Northern Ireland, a young boy, bereft of his mother, defies his father to get the Glam Rock album he so desperately wants. 13 minutes


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