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City Gelato

  • 501 Main Street Inside the Main Street Market Building & Pop ups Baton Rouge, LA 70801
  • (225) 819-7007

City Gelato makes the best gelato in the Baton Rouge area! We retail with mobile carts. We also package and wholesale to grocery stores.

City Gelato was founded with the sole idea of popularizing of fresh artisanal gelato through Baton Rouge and New Orleans metro areas. Gelato's balanced nutritional value (two and a half to three times less fat than ice-cream!), lack of preservatives, artificial colorants, flavors and fillers makes it a healthier and in many times yummier alternative to ice-cream. 
By firmly stepping on the roman traditions and further adjusting some recipes on our own we strive to bring the taste closest to what you would find in Italy. City Gelato uses fresh local Louisiana fruit when in season, pure cane sugar and works to integrate the whole process with Louisiana suppliers. 
We are really thankful to the farmers at Red Stick Farmer's Market for providing us with fresh ingredients for our recipes! We have one location at the Main Street Market.  Recently we got mobile (SUV and a trailer) and now we can transport our carts to any function, event, gathering or festival as well. 
We also package one pint containers for the local grocery stores: 
Our product could be found in Calandro's, Calvin's, Maxwell's Market, Bet-R, Alexander's Market, Matherne's, Spanish Town Market, Anthony's Deli, Our Daily Bread in Baton Rouge and Dorignac's, Langenstein's, Zuppardo's, Robert's Fresh Market in New Orleans with more stores scheduled for distribution