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Water Barre Hydration & Fitness

  • 7760 Bluebonnet Boulevard, Ste #F Perkins Rowe Baton Rouge, LA 70810
  • (225) 256-1264

Water Barre is a Hydration and Fitness studio offering fresh active hydrogen water which acts as an antioxidant, cellular detox, and superior hydrator. Visit our showroom at Perkins Rowe for an educational seminar or free sample of healthful H20. Water Barre is a brand new Hydration & Fitness studio offering water with active hydrogen for proven health benefits including increased energy, weight loss, cellular detoxification, and rich antioxidant potential.

We’ve partnered with Perkins Rowe on a summer workout series on outdoors on the Green.  Social Distancingt Guidelines are followed with a minimum of 25 per the class.