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Repentance Park

  • 225 South River Road Baton Rouge, LA 70801
  • (225) 389-5520

Repentance Park is a beautifully manicured green on the backside of City Hall and the Davis S. Rhorer Plaza (formerly known as City Hall Plaza). City Hall that is Repentance Park. The two-acre area has modern dancing water fountains. Northeast and up the hill is the Crest, a shimmering concert stage and sculpture also known as the Galvez Stage situated on Galvez Plaza.

In Downtown Baton Rouge, nestled between the Rasing Cane's River Center and the Old State Capital this beautiful space allows people to enjoy nature in the heart of the city. With two acres of green, paved walking paths and more than 120 feet of mini water jets it's easy to see why. There is plenty of open space to play Frisbee, run with your pooch, toss a ball around or toss down a blanket and chill out. The mini jet walkway is a magical dancing fountain that's a perfect place for kids to cool off and play in the warmer months. If you are visiting or new to the Baton Rouge area make sure to visit this local jewel and check out the surrounding attractions and museums.

Repentance Park is home to the annual epic Blues Festival, Ebb & Flo, Live After 5, and other events throughout the year. Live music and celebrating life is a staple in Baton Rouge.

Repentance Street ran across the area from 1779 to 1819 during the period of Spanish rule, the only street that ran contrary to the city's original grid. Convicted criminals walked this road on their way to receive sentencing at the Commandant's House, located where the Old State Capitol now stands. With a majority Catholic population in the city, the belief and tradition was that criminals should repent before sentencing. The walk across Repentence Street became commonplace. To keep the history alive, it is now called Repentence Park.