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Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra

  • 9635 Fenway Avenue, Suite B Baton Rouge, LA 70809
  • (225) 383-0500

BRSO offers 7 Masterworks, 4 chamber, and multiple single event concerts from annually from September - May.

For 75 years, BRSO has remained dedicated to its mission to share the world's greatest repertoire with the greater Baton Rouge region.

BRSO, being the oldest arts institution in the state and largest in capitol, has taken its leadership role to heart by extending its gifts beyond the stage into schools, hospitals, and libraries. Breaking down barriers preventing community members from accessing the riches of orchestral music,

BRSO makes impactful contributions through programs which serve underserved youth (Musical Gateways Passports, Symphony Street), children with communications disorders, children/adults who have never experienced the wonders of classical music (Young Peoples Discovery Series, Symphony 101) and gifted young musicians (Louisiana Youth Orchestras).