What We Know About Visitors to Baton Rouge

Visit Baton Rouge regularly reviews data about the people who travel to Baton Rouge. By discovering more about these visitors, we're able to track the success of our marketing efforts, as well as measure the positive economic impact their spending has on our community. The more we learn about their patterns and behavior, the better we can reach potential visitors as they are making their travel plans and attract more people to come visit Baton Rouge!

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Infographic from BRBR Annual Report


2016 Visitor Profile for Baton Rouge

About one Louisiana visitor in five (19%) stops in Baton Rouge.

Total Visitors in 2016: 4,374,000


Demographic Profile:

  • Average age of our visitor is 41
  • Average income affluence is $83,100
  • 57% of Visitors to Baton Rouge are married
  • 49% of our visitors live with children, 25% of our visitors live along, and 27% live with one another
  • 79% of our visitors are Caucasian and 15% of our visitors are African-American
  • 46% of our visitors are working full time, 13% are retired
  • About 2 in 5 visitors live in Louisiana


Trip Profile:

  • 12% of people are here for business, 74% are here for leisure, and 47% are here to visit friends/relatives
  • 72% of the visitors stay overnights and 49% stay in hotels/motels
  • The average length of stay is 4.3 nights
  • 30% of visitors travel here on their own, 28% travel with someone, and 29% travel with children
  • 81% of visitors travel here by car
  • 52% decide on a whim to travel to Baton Rouge, within 2 weeks of their trip to Baton Rouge
  • 39% of visitors say that their travels lead to other activities while they’re here and 13% come for gaming
  • Visitors spend $683 while here
  • 83% of visitors are highly satisfied with their visit

(Source: Visitor Profile Study, Kantar TNS, July 2017)



2016 Economic Impact Study for East Baton Rouge

  • Spending - $896,690,000
  • Earnings (aka Payroll) - $343,300,000
  • Employment – 12,690
  • State Taxes – $82,490,000
  • Local Taxes – $32,410,000

(Source: Economic Impact in Louisiana Parishes Report, UNO Hospitality Research Center, May 2017)