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Coronavirus Information for Baton Rouge

*Please note: While the City of Baton Rouge and State of Louisiana has lifted the mask mandate, some businesses are still requiring you to wear masks.

Masks are required when entering a city-parish building, on public transit, in state government buildings.

Masking Recommendations:

The Louisiana Department of Health recommends that the public follow the “Two out of Three” rule to keep themselves safe during COVID.

When in doubt about whether to wear a mask at a certain activity where people outside of a person’s everyday household will be present, they can stay safe by:

  1. Making sure everyone around them is vaccinated, or
  2. Maintaining the 2 out of 3 Rule: To lower risk for COVID-19, make sure the activity meets two out of the following three conditions: Outdoors, Distanced and Masked.
  • Outdoors + Distanced = No Mask Recommended
  • Outdoors + Not Distanced = Mask Recommended
  • Indoor + Distanced = Mask Recommended 

Visit Baton Rouge will update this information as new announcements or restrictions are made and/or mandated by federal, state or local officials.

Visit Baton Rouge's Welcome Centers and offices are open the public.

To our visitors: We thank you for visiting Baton Rouge. Our visitor center located at 359 Third Street in Downtown Baton Rouge is open, allowing no more than two visitors inside at a time and requiring the wearing of a mask to enter.

We’re also available via email at and via our regular phone lines at (225) 383-1825 or (800) 527-6843. We also encourage you to check our website, for available virtual resources including digital brochures, maps and a list of businesses in operation.

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Covid Defense App

Who will you protect? COVID Defense is Louisiana's new app to help protect ourselves and those closest to us from the virus. It notifies you if you’ve been exposed so that you do not expose others. Download the app today.

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