With 2022 in our rear view mirrors, it’s natural to want to start a new year’s resolution on the right foot. If staying fit is on your list, Baton Rouge can help you achieve your goal the right way. Take advantage of these wellness activities in Baton Rouge to spice up your meeting agenda!


Walk the Mississippi River Levee

On this 4-mile stretch, there are separate lanes for bikers and joggers, making it perfect for either activity. Stroll along the levee path and see the Mississippi River up close and personal. You won’t believe the sights you’ll see along the way!


Downtown Heart Trail

Created in 2019 by local entrepreneur Taylor Jacobsem, this 3 mile walking trail takes you through the heart of Baton Rouge. Take a bike ride, walk, or run down the trail to discover the Mississippi River, the Louisiana State Capitol building, Spanish Town, and so much more. After several walks on the trail, Jacobsen reimagined the trail as a heart. A second trail is located in Scotlandville, a community in North Baton Rouge. Once you see the hearts, just know you’re heading in the right direction!


Rent a Gotcha Bike

Explore Baton Rouge by bike when you rent a Gotcha bike at one of our various locations across Baton Rouge. In addition to providing a sustainable way to get from one place to another, these pay-per-minute bikes are also a convenient way to get up, get out and stay active while away on business.


Eat Healthier

It's so easy to keep your New Year's resolutions in Baton Rouge thanks to an abundance of food options. There are a variety of vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options to choose from at restaurants like BLDG 5 and Mestizo Louisiana Mexican Cuisine. Grab-and-go meals like Fresh Junkie and MJ's Cafe are a tasty alternative to dining in. Regardless of the route you take, sticking with these healthy options will be a breeze.


Go on a Walking Tour

There is no better way to get to know a city than by taking a walking tour. Take in the scenery of our Capital City one step at a time with Red Stick Adventures. This tour will give you a better understanding of Baton Rouge's history while burning a few calories at the same time. By the time you finish your walking tour of Downtown Baton Rouge, your Fitbit or Apple Watch will be loaded with steps. Besides, it doesn’t count unless your watch is tracking it, right?