In a historic city like Baton Rouge, some of the capital’s most notorious locations are known to have a haunting history. Listen to the tales of local legends and ghosts as you ride and walk the historic areas with a time-traveling guide, leading you to some of the most reputed haunts in town.

This itinerary includes a castle on the river with a haunted political past. Check out this guide on where your group can go for a night of fright under the city's lights and eventually end up at one of Baton Rouge's largest breweries.


Red Stick Adventures Haunted Tour

Join city experts as they guide you around Baton Rouge to haunted stops galore. On this tour, you'll enjoy plenty of fascinating stories from Baton Rouge's history, as well as your fair share of folklore and ghost legends.


Louisiana's Old State Capitol

Explore the walls and halls of Louisiana’s “Castle on the River,” haunted by its political past and the ghost of civil-war era southern belle, Sarah Morgan. Ask to see the "Ghost of Sarah" video production to learn more about the museum's history and Sarah's haunting past.


Tin Roof Brewery

Situated between downtown Baton Rouge and Louisiana State University, this craft brewery has outdoor and indoor space. Tin Roof also offers brewery tours and is excellent for a wind down after an amazing day in the Capital City.


Oxbow Rum Distillery

From sugar mill to your glass, learn the process of creating Oxbow Rum Distillery's award-winning spirits. This Baton Rouge distillery starts with sweet sugar cane milled at a local plantation, and with a little science and magic produces premium spirits you’ll be able to sample at the end of this tour.


13th Gate Haunted House

Widely known as one of the top haunted houses in the country, we invite you to get a behind the scenes look at the Ultimate Haunted House. The 13th Gate is a haunted attraction that is known for its extreme ultra-realism and is one of the most detailed haunted houses in existence. In other words, this place doesn't take haunted lightly.


13th Gate Escape Room

You are trapped! You have 60 minutes and one goal: Escape before time runs out! Get a behind the scenes look at what it would be like to survive a night in a Haunted Asylum, break into a bank vault and steal a priceless jewel, and be an adventurer like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider.

Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center

Rumor has it that infamous Louisiana Governor Huey P. Long haunts the 1920's built hotel in Downtown Baton Rouge. During this time, the governor was hinted at using the underground tunnels built to escape the media and often visit his mistress at the neighboring King Hotel, now known as Hotel Indigo. See for yourself the next time you come to Baton Rouge! You can even check out a 360 tour of the space to plan ahead.