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Tim's Garage

  • 3103 North Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70806
  • (225) 257-9196

Tim's Garage is a casual lifestyle online retailer located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana featuring local, vintage, and original products.

Tim's love of design, art, and the sub-cultures that breed the weird, funny, and cool has manifested into a new brand and retail experience that embraces so many of the things that he find interesting and fun. From sports, to music, art, and a little bit of hippy stuff,

Tim's Garage is a living portfolio of brands created by Tim.

Its a vibe of unused hardware box printed over 50 years ago, 70s muscle cars, 80s BMX nostalgia, and 90s punk rock. Its the outcome of all the late nights in my own garage printing posters, shirts, and stickers. Its a feeling of comfort from the past and the thrill of discovering something for the first time. Its the spirit of going your own way because the path in front of you wasn't clearly pointed out. Its the high-fives in the heat of the summer tucked away in the woods at the BMX jumps where no one can see. Its riding around with the windows down and "feelin' the noise!"

Tim's Garage was made long ago, even before you and I got here, it just needed to get dusted off and rediscovered to live another day.