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The Hartley Vey Studio Theatre at the Shaw Center for the Arts

  • 100 Lafayette Street Shaw Center for the Arts Baton Rouge, LA 70801
  • (225) 344-0334
Meeting Facilities

The Hartley Vey Studio Theatre is located within the Shaw Center for the Arts. 

It is one of the beautifully appointed venue spaces that comprise the visual and performing arts complex, located in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, offering an exciting departure from other venues.

The Manship Theatre at the Shaw Center for the Arts serves as a managing component for all of the event venues within. 

Come make a night on the town with dinner and all of the cultural events that are awaiting you.

General Information
  • Close to Dining:
Facility Info
Meeting Rooms
  • Theatre Capacity 325
  • Number of Rooms 3
The Hartley/Vey Studio Theatre
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 2066.25
  • Width: 57
  • Length: 36.3
  • Theater Capacity: 175
  • Classroom Capacity: 96
  • Banquet Capacity: 140
  • Reception Capacity: 200
The Hartley/Vey Workshop Theatre
  • Total Sq. Ft.: 1927
  • Width: 47
  • Length: 41
  • Theater Capacity: 150
  • Classroom Capacity: 70
  • Banquet Capacity: 112
  • Reception Capacity: 150
Manship Theatre
  • Theater Capacity: 325
Josef Sternberg Conference Room
  • Classroom Capacity: 25
The Gallery at Manship Theatre
  • Banquet Capacity: 100
  • Reception Capacity: 250

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