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Social Coffee

  • 521 North Third Street, Suite B At the Republic Parking Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Social Coffee open 7 days a week in Downtown Baton Rouge. Take a stroll on Third Street and North Street towards the State Capitol and look for the green awnings facing on North Street(entrance).  Small batch coffee from Onyx Coffee Lab known for sourcing single origin coffee from South, Central America and East Africa and for developing its green technology processes and sustainable business practices.

Order a buzzy espresso, a creamy latte or cortado, a pour-over, a nitro cold brew or a cup of loose leaf tea steeped in a glass globe. Pair your beverage with a muffin, cookie or Rice Krispie treat from CounterSpace BR, which is preparing Social Coffee’s baked goods.

Enjoy the delicious simplicity of a delicious coffee or beverage surrounded with big windows, murals and artwork.  Stay tuned for a growing menu items.