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Keith Van Douglas - Cartoonman

  • No Physical Address Baton Rouge, LA 70801
  • (225) 937-5374
Louisiana Artist

Keith Van Douglas has created countless artworks during the course of his very long career. Keith Van Douglas is a Louisiana artist that grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana where he also graduated from Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art Education.

Keith Van Douglas has lived in Baton Rouge for 24 years and has taught Art Education in the Baton Rouge Public School System at McKinley High School as well as Art Classes at Louisiana State University.

Louisiana Caricaturiest

Keith is also known all over South Louisiana as CartoonMan™ and as an extraordinarily prolific caricaturist has drawn over 300,000 people over his long and very productive career.

Keith Van Douglas is a brilliant artist/cartoonist whose images are colorful, vivid and spatially imaginative. His work evokes his own sensibilities as well as the work and style of many of the greats who have preceded him. There is no style he can't do. He is positive, creative and unique. There is no one like him. (Linkedin Review)