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Galvez Plaza

  • 200-238 North Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70801
  • (225) 389-5520

Galvez Plaza is the public square that connects the North Boulevard Town Square, Repentance Park and the Davis S. Rhorer Plaza,  directly behind City Hall.

The Crest sculpture, also known as the Galvez Stage,  is in the center. It has received several national and international design, engineering and construction awards. It serves as a suspended truss system that is assembled during the Spring and Fall events as part of the back drop for the outdoor stage where people go to listen to live music, dance, eat, drink and enjoy!

The Crest sculpture is a progressive symbol of Baton Rouge's surge of continuous growth and developments today and tomorrow. Its namesake and form symbolizes our legendary music, cuisine, the Mississippi River and the character of our local residents.

We are strong, resilient and know how to enjoy the celebration of life together with music, food and libations.