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Designs by Bai

  • No Physicial Address Baton Rouge, LA 70801
  • (225) 315-2796

Designs by Bai

After many years of compliments and inquires on what and how Bailee Taylor designs, creates and paints, she decided  to turn her talents and creations into a side business.  She  works as registered nurse in the emergency room in a local Baton Rouge hospital.  Her art and creativity is a way to decompress from crazy work weeks in the emergency room.  Her talents are diverse and she puts them to use in the most practical and fun ways.  

She paints in water color many of Louisiana iconic items from culinary, flowers to historic buildings. Bailee Taylor will do live paintings at conferences or group events. Some groups will auction off her artwork at the end of the event as a fund raiser.

* Local, small business, woman owned business and artist