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Create Studios - Arts & Carafes

  • 546 Bienville Street Baton Rouge, LA 70806
  • (225) 366-9278
Create Studios is a creative arts and carafes teaching space in Baton Rouge, LA. You will leave each class with the ability to create more! Right now, all of Create Studios' classes are considered Make and Partake/ Arts and Carafes TM classes. This means you can bring food or beverages (of your choice) to the classes. Each class will run 2-4 hours, depending on subject matter and may take place in Create Studios or at your private residence. Costs will be $35.00 and up depending on supplies and the class. For scheduling a private party email me. Create Studios: Painting, mosaics, etching, jewelry making, and other arts and crafts classes in Baton Rouge, LA.