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Cane Land Distilling Company

  • 760 Street Philip Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802
  • (225) 615-8044
Award-winning distillery located in downtown Baton Rouge. Ever wonder how the spirits you enjoy in your cocktails came to be? Wonder no more! At Cane Land, we take great pride in our sweet sugar cane milled across the river at Alma Plantation and Sugar Mill. Our Distillery, located in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge is a great place to learn about how the sweet spirits you enjoy in our Tasting Room came to be. During your tour, you’ll learn about the history of Louisiana’s main agricultural commodity and how our distillers use science and a bit of magic to come up with our premium spirits. The tour ends in our Tasting Room where you’ll sample a taste of our Parade Argente Rum, Parade Spiced Rum, Shindig Vodka and OMFW (Whisky). Cane Land Distilling Company, LLC was founded in 2013 by Walter Tharp, whose family owns Alma Plantation & Sugar Mill in Lakeland, Louisiana. Today, Cane Land Distilling Company is in full production in very rare company. Owning the farmland on Alma, the sugar mill and the distillery allows for complete control of the production and distilling process. This results in one of the country’s only estate bottled producers of spirits and rhum agricole in the continental U.S. In 2018, Cane Land Distilling Company won two gold medals at the Rum Renaissance Festival, a national rum competition. Cane Land won the top prize for its rhum agricole and for its silver rum, Parade Argente.