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Cajun Bead Crafts

  • 4733 Jones Creek Road, Suite H Baton Rouge, LA 70817
  • (225) 223-6573
Cajun Bead Crafts, LLC is a new beading store that has opened in Baton Rouge. Come by and visit!Whether you are a jewelry artist or a person that just loves making or wearing jewelry you are sure to find something that catches your eye in the store.We specialize in gemstone beads, seed beads, crystals, pearls, pendants, findings, supplies, etc. Nothing is as special as a handcrafted piece of jewelry made by you!… Show more Beading is fun and easy. Teach your daughter or son a fun craft making jewelry. Chances for precious moments you can share with your child go by very very fast. Make special moments with your child while you can. BENEFITS OF JEWELRY MAKING:Most everybody loves buying and wearing jewelry. But there are some people who love making them too. Apart from the jewelry maker, the goldsmith etc., there are people who love making jewelry as a hobby. Making jewelry can be quite a satisfying and fulfilling hobby. It also brings about positive changes in us. And therefore many parents and schools encourage this hobby among young adults. Jewelry making is a creative activity - and therefore it enhances creative thinking. This creative thinking also trickles to other aspects of life as well. If you are involved in jewelry making, your hobby helps you think creatively in various situations in life. You start to resolve problems in a creative way. Everything you do, has a touch of elegance in it - and that would also impresses not just yourself, but also others who come in touch with you.Jewelry making also improvises your organizational skills. You tend to grow an uncanny sense of how things are to be done and where and how the resources would get utilized. It builds your concentration power and you can focus on things pretty well. And having a strong ability to focus and concentrate is very helpful and critical in every sphere of life. Taking part in this activity would not only help them build these soft skills, but also apart from these, jewelry making would instill self confidence in them. Go Baton Rouge!
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