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Buddy Stewart Memorial Music Foundation & Rhythm Museum -An Old Fashioned Record Shop & Museum

  • 1712 North Acadian West Baton Rouge, LA 70802
  • (225) 383-9661

Buddy Stewart Memorial Music Foundation & Rhythm Museum is an entity of a former business that has served the Baton Rouge community for over 30 years. Originally known as Buddy Stewart's Rock Shop, it was one of the largest minority family owned and operated music stores in South Louisiana.

The Museum - Event Space
The Rhythm Museum has been featured in many state, national, and international publications. The Rhythm Museum's interior atmosphere displays past and present artists. Helping the community and music lovers everywhere to better understand the significance of the Baton Rouge artist. It also provides historical information to scholars and individuals seeking knowledge of artists who shaped the flavor of South Louisiana.

The Foundation
The Buddy Stewart Music Foundation focuses on giving support to Baton Rouge's African American heritage by creating opportunities for the community to interact with foundation projects and the artists who visit. It unifies local performing artists by giving them a venue to perform and learn more about the tradition they represent. The Buddy Stewart Music Foundation also helps network local artists to new audiences.

Programs & Services

The Spencer Drum Clinic
Under the director of Mr. Kelvin Spencer, the Spencer Drum Clinic has offered music classes to the children age 5-15, since 2002. Mr. Spencer however has taught music in the community for the past 32 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Mr. Spencer teaches five (5) one (1) hour classes consisting of 5-10 students. The children love him. His students are in high demand for performances at school events, churches, parades, sports activities, etc. And the annual recital is an event the children strive for excellence in their performances.

Arts & Cultural Event - Annual Rocktober Festival
Rocktober Festival is a community event hosted by the Buddy Stewart Music Foundation. The festival has enjoyed over 12 successful years of bringing entertainment to Baton Rouge's community. Rocktober Fest features 10-12 local recording artists, in gospel, jazz, zydeco, R&B and the blues. The children of the community school and churches are involved with the responsibility of intermission performances while bands are lining up. Other artists display their talents and abilities such as the largest alligator made of toothpick and free-handed portrait drawing. Vendors are plentiful with the best in South Lousiana soul food. The community has shown their gratitude for this highly anticipated event, with their increasing attendance. Rocktover Fest takes place at the Rhythm Museum next door to the Rock Shop in the month of October. Rocktober Fest gives families an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful fall day while being entertained by musicians and artists they would not normally have the opportunity of seeing. It's a day of family, food, and entertainment.

Past featured performers include Bobby Rush, O.B. Buchana, Henry Gray, Jackie Neal, Raful Neal, Kenny Neal, Lighthouse Gospel Singers, Fantastic Volcalaires, John Gray Jazz Band, Rudy Richard Zydeco, and so many others

General Information
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