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  • 10248 Florida Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70815
  • (225) 229-4595

BB & PF is an African (Nigerian) based restaurant that has been serving healthy, fresh, african food in Baton Rouge since 2012. BB stands for beans burgers made with black-eyed-peas and PF stands for plantain fries.

Providing a tasty healthy alternative to high calorie meat burgers. Before now when people hear "healthy food" they automatically think "not so tasty food", but NOW, we have the 'GAME CHANGER'!

Our BBs are very juicy and they come with all the regular dressings for a meat burger plus all the health benefits of the black-eyed-peas! This food is not just for vegetarians or vegans, it's for everyone who wants healthy and tasty in one package. We have modified a simple age old West African recipe and are bringing you 'Akara' or 'Kosie' or 'Kuse' at it's best. PF (plantain fries) are a naturally sweet fries made out of ripe plantains with no added salt, sugar, cholesterol or msg. A meal of BB & PF has less than 300cal and is very filling.

General Information
  • ADA Compliant:
    • Yes
  • Locally Owned:
  • African-American Owned:
  • Dietary Needs:
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan