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  • 3347 Highland Road Baton Rouge, LA 70802
  • (225) 224-6000
You work all day, pay bills, eat salads and do all that other grown-up stuff; your “fun” shouldn’t be limited to trendy bars with long lines, dress codes and drinks you can’t pronounce. Inner child, meet Barcadia…’50’s pin-up girls on the walls, The Cure playing in the background, jenga made out of 2x4’s on the patio, and an entire wall of ‘80s arcade games for a quarter. Oh wait...skeeball machines, 5 foot tall connect 4, air-hockey, pop-a-shot, aaaaaand lest we forget....44 craft beers on tap. Our waitstaff is as friendly as pecan-pie, and check out our delicious gourmet burgers hot dogs. Only thing missing is a nap-time towel...because you may not want to leave here!