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Angela Davis - The Yarnspinner

  • No Physical Address Baton Rouge, LA 70801
  • (504) 427-5625

International Storytelling Ambassador Angela Davis, the Yarnspinner, shares stories from her native Louisiana roots performing in well over 50+ countries and continues to be in demand solely by word of mouth. Her life-changing stories help to make the world a better place. She offers programs for audiences of all ages and has performed for numerous groups ranging in age from 1 to 105. Kids and adults enjoy her lively stories that inspire the soul and tap the imagination.

Known as "the Yarnspinner," Davis uses storytelling to introduce audiences to imaginative literature, history and cultures from around the world. She also uses stories as a teaching tool, demonstrating to teachers how storytelling skills can breathe life into a curriculum to improve teaching skills and classroom learning. Davis has been enchanting audiences with her storytelling performances at schools, libraries, festivals, and museums throughout the country and has drawn listeners of all ages into the magical world of story theater.

She is an author of a CD book called Around the World told by Award-Winning American Storyteller Angela Davis.