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Amanda Mays Wellness

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Amanda Hays is an Integrative Health Practitioner LEVEL 2
Integrative Health Practitioner and truth seeker. Health is built from the inside out and begins in the gut. Food movemont, and mindset are the pillars of health.

Amanda Mays, IHP helps women restore their health + vitality through Functional Medicine, balancing hormones, healing their gut, and holistic + non-toxic living.

Integrative Health Services
"My wellness philosophy involves balancing the three body systems. Your hormonal system produces your sex and stress hormones; your digestive system breaks down food for use by the body; and your detoxification system protects you from free radicals and chemical toxicity, both from your environment and from your diet." ~ Amanda Mays

Conventional medicine prescribes medications to stop the symptoms rather than heal the underlying root cause.

Every health issue can be traced back to a problem within one or more of your three body systems. Through targeted lab testing, we are able to assess how each system is working and then create an individualized program to rebalance your body.


  • Integrative Health Practitioner Level 1 (IHP)
  • Integrative Health Practitioner Level 2 (IHP2)
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Barre Instructor

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