Tailgating Baton Rouge-style during LSU Gameday

LSU Gameday

Does football season have you traveling to the Red Stick? Well then, get ready for the experience of a lifetime! You’ll know an LSU Gameday when you see it—tailgates inundating campus, grills firing up, drinks flowing and music playing. LSU is legendary for its tailgating tradition, and it’s certainly a family affair! Take a stroll over to the infamous Parade Grounds, a central location for LSU tailgating on campus, where you’ll find some of the best Louisiana cooking. Feast your eyes on groups of Tiger Fans firing up vats of jambalaya, playing football and socializing with friends, family and even rivals!

LSU fans are notorious for their southern hospitality, so don’t be surprised if you’re invited over to a fan’s tailgate or asked to join in a Fais Do Do! If you’re in need of LSU gear, walk over to the LSU Bookstore located on campus to help you prep for game day.

While on campus, be sure to visit LSU's new live mascot, Mike the Tiger (Mike VII), in his state-of-the-art habitat! Don’t forgot to stop by Victory Hill, and join in on one of the most well-known game-day traditions to watch the LSU coach and football team, Golden Girls and The Golden Band from Tigerland march down Victory Hill an hour and a half before game time. The 325- member band marches from the Greek Theatre to Tiger Stadium playing the “Pregame Salute” and the introduction to “Touchdown for LSU.”

Get to your seats a half hour before game time to experience pregame, a tradition carried on by The Golden Band from Tigerland before each home game. It’s simply an experience you cannot miss. Sports fanatics be prepared…there’s nothing like a Saturday night in Death Valley!