Crowd At A Blues Festival In Baton Rouge, LA

Free Festivals in Baton Rouge 

Here in Louisiana’s Capital City, we are known to have a good time year-round. When you visit, make sure you stop by one of the many free festivals going on.

Enjoy music, cuisine and festival goers who truly embody Louisiana’s “joie de vivre,” or joy of living. If you're a fan of the blues, our annual Blues Festival is the place to be in the springtime. If you just want to come to the Capital City to try different foods, no worries. The Red Stick Food Fest and Soul Food Fest is right up your alley. Plus, celebrate the holidays downtown at our Festival of Lights, where you'll get to hear music and see a field of Christmas decorations. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a good time!

In addition to these free festivals, Baton Rouge also hosts great festivals that may come with a small price but are more than worth it. Check out all of our festivals held in Baton Rouge every year. 

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