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WWI Exhibitions Traveling Reception


Join us for a FREE reception and night of WWI exhibitions with trolley transportation to three downtown museums: the Old State Capitol, the USS Kidd, and the Capitol Park Museum. At each museum, you will have a chance to explore aspects of the Great War ranging from the Homefront propaganda to the front lines.


Refreshments will be served at each location. Free transportation will be provided with stops at each museum, courtesy of Capital Area Transit System.


Louisiana’s Old State Capitol will mark the Centennial of the nation’s entrance into WWI with Campaigning for Victory: Poster Art of the Great War, an exhibit of WWI propaganda posters from the State Archives. The posters, created by well-known American artists, were a powerful means of educating the public and spurring them to action during war time. Other artifacts and images pertaining to Louisiana’s experience of the Great War, particularly the activities of Louisiana’s leaders to prepare the state for wartime, will accompany the posters. Campaigning for Victory: Poster Art of the Great War will be on exhibit September 26 to December 16, 2017.


At the USS Kidd, step into the trenches, peer across No-man's Land, and hear the sounds of battle. See how the men lived and fought on the front lines of Europe.  Learn about Louisiana's role in the Great War, and listen to Voices From the Lost Generation: Louisianans in World War I 1917-1918.


Capitol Park Museum’s exhibit entitled, For Home and Country: Louisiana in the Great War, will feature artifacts organized into four sections: Homefront, Mobilization, Warfront and Memorialization. Artifacts include a gold star flag, recruitment posters, military uniforms, a Mauser Tankgewehr M1918, and a souvenir pillow from Camp Beauregard. For Home and Country: Louisiana in the Great War will remain on display through June 2018.