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The Negro Motorist Green Book presented by the Capitol Park Museum


Capitol Park Museum in downtown Baton Rouge
The Negro Motorist Green Book Exhibition

Developed by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) in collaboration with award-winning author, photographer and cultural documentarian, Candacy Taylor. This exhibit offers a visually immersive look at the reality of travel for African Americans in mid-20th century America.

The Negro Motorist Green Book was more than a travel guide. It was a shield, empowering Black people to explore their world with more dignity than fear, more elegance than embarrassment.

Started in 1936 by Harlem postman Victor Green,

The Negro Motorist Green Book was a guide published over three decades that helped African Americans travel the country safely, and with dignity, during a time of Jim Crow laws and segregation.

The Green Book was also an indispensable resource for the era’s successful Black-owned businesses and rising African American middle class.

This exhibit is sponsored by ExxonMobil.

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