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MCA Artists Spotlight Show

  • 516 Moore Street; Suite 101 Baton Rouge, LA 70806
  • Mid City Artisans
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Price: Free
  • (225) 412-2802

Art Show: Mid-City Artisans' Libby Tobin Broussard's "All things Swamp" sculpture series and Terry Farrell's "Water Dimensions" painting series will be held in Gallery 46, the new gallery of Mid-City Artisans. The artist's works will stay on exhibition and available for purchase through August 21.  

About the Artists:

Libby Tobin Broussard lives by the phrase “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Even before I started sculpting, I’d be out and about on garbage day looking for those forlorn, unloved pieces at the side of the road that I could drag home and breathe back to life. I just loved the entire process of it. Now, looking back, it really makes sense that my sculptures utilize the same philosophy. All of my pieces are probably 90-95 percent recycled/repurposed material. Chunks of sidewalk, sticks, boards, plastic and paper shopping bags, wire hangers… I use them all. Plus paper, a LOT of paper. I actually didn’t start sculpting until about 11 years ago after I severely injured my back and had to close my interior/exterior painting business. Literally in 1 second, I went from being independent and happy working 50, 60, sometimes 70 hours, to being completely dependent on help and struggling just to get through the day. I was going absolutely crazy! One afternoon, I remembered a random roll of chicken wire I had laying in the backyard and I sent my sitter out to get it. Even though I’d never had any formal artist training, it just felt… right. My first piece, a 5’x5’ suspended dragonfly, sold quickly and, just like that, my new and improved life as an artist began. From animals to people and everything in between, I make it all. Early on, I had a hard time “labeling” what it was I actually did. It started off as traditional papier-mâché but, because I wasn’t mobile at all, I wasn’t able to buy any artist paint. However, I did have lots magazines so, in desperation really, I tore pages and used them for color. Nowadays, it’s morphed even further into my own little, unique process. I’m pretty comfortable calling myself a Paper Mosaic Sculptor and, I really enjoy explaining my work to people. The look on their face when I tell them there is no paint anywhere on the piece - it makes me smile every time.

Terry Farrell is a California native transplanted to the swamps of Louisiana Between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The award winning artist, Terry Farrell has been creating for over 50 years in many forms of art. She continues her pursuit with a new passion reignited by the extreme diversity of this state. An exciting culture, brilliant with inspiration and colors, vibrant foods, parades and festivals. A place of limitless inspiration! 

Terry is a professional and master teaching artist! She teaches in schools, private and various venues. She has worked with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge for over 6 years.

One of her paintings was digitally displayed at the “Louvre” in; “America takes Paris” 2015. Her meager beginnings in art were an escape that was found in many hours and days drawing and painting. She found her art, while in the foster system. To this day it is a very joyful escape.