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Calm Warrior Yoga


This class has been developed with the intention for Veterans to be introduced to some basic yoga stretches and guided full-body relaxation. For the first 20 minutes, your body will flow through very basic yoga poses. These yoga poses require no previous yoga experience. The next 20 minutes of class, your body will relax and hold in accessible yoga stretches. The final 20 minutes will be a full-body guided relaxation lying down in a comfortable position.

Recent research has shown that many forms of yoga can not only improve your physical health and healing but can possibly reduce the effects of PTSD, anxiety, addictions, insomnia, and other mental conditions.

Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. We will be able to supply a limited number of yoga mats.

All Veterans are encouraged to try this yoga practice in our private, safe, non-intimidating environment with only other veterans and a caring, knowledgeable instructor.

While the class begins at 6PM, there will be a 15 minute window for everyone to be on the mat for 6:15PM.