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Artsplosion! Inside Art (Spring Break)


In Inside Art, students will learn about the technical side of different art forms. In music classes, they will explore dynamics, register, timbre, articulations through singing, body percussion, and other engaging activities. In visual art classes, they will learn about the techniques that are used to draw different types of lines, shape texture, form in very basic forms through doing hands-on activities. Students are encouraged to look at their surrounding objects and describe them through the new concepts that they have learned. In dance classes, students learn about space, time, and energy, and compare and contrast different dance forms both by learning some basics steps and by observing. In the creative writing classes, they will learn about the story elements to use their imagination for creating a story using graphic organizers. Artsplosion! Kids Camp - Inside Art enables students to learn the fundamentally important subjects that are building blocks of every art form.

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