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Artsplosion! Arts Around the World (Winter Break)


K-5th graders from across Baton Rouge are invited to come together at the Carry Saurage Community Arts Center to explore their creativity through different art disciplines. The Arts Around the World camp intends to highlight art forms from different countries. In the visual art class, students will experience different traditional art making techniques from Asian culture as well as learning about those cultures’ histories. In the dance class, students will learn the steps to different Latin dances. The folk music from Europe will be explored in different languages. And lastly, students will write about their own unique culture in the creative writing sessions and learn to perform spoken word. poetry. Through the Artsplosion! Kids Camp - Arts Around the World, students gain an appreciation for different cultures and their art forms.

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* Many events in Baton Rouge have been proactively postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19. For the most up-to-date event information, please check with the specific event's website or social media pages.