As a television reporter I have found myself living in several different cities through my life chasing the story. On last weekend I had the chance to visit my hometown…Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I snapped all of these photos to capture the flavor of the city. It is the place, as many young people, I wanted to get out of as soon as I was of age. But now I realize just how wonderful my hometown is. It is an old city steeped in history with lots of gold nuggets you don’t find in many of the larger metropolises. Baton Rouge was discovered by French explorers in 1699 and called red stick. That’s why the city’s name translated in French simply means Red Stick. The Louisiana city was later incorporated in 1817 and became the state capital in 1849.

That old history makes Baton Rouge a fun place. As you walk along the River Center you’ll see something that looks like an old Gothic castle. When I was a kid that place was our playground. It’s the old state Capitol building that was erected in the mid 1800′s. There’s also the battleship USS Kidd, a statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus, the LASC Museum, the old Yazoo Train and the list goes on. If you’re looking for some history and a riverboat to gamble on make sure you visit Baton Rouge. You can also lounge in the old Capital House Hotel completely restored and now a part of the Hilton chain. I just wanted to share this gem with many of you who have referred to my hometown as the Big Raggedy…It’s more than that…it’s a piece of history!

Isiah Carey is a Baton Rouge native who now reports for the FOX affiliate in Houston
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