With a dish as universally adored as a sandwich, leave it to Louisiana chefs to add some delicious Southern flair. This National Sandwich Day, put the peanut butter and jelly away and taste some truly unique sandwiches here in Baton Rouge.


Street Breads

Street Breads, since its opening in 2012, has been shocking locals and tourists alike with its unique sandwich flavor combinations. But one sandwich has been noted to combine classic Louisiana cuisine with a twist: The Uptown New Orleans. The Uptown New Orleans has Louisiana style roast beef along with shrimp, bacon, blood orange bbq sauce and sundried tomato & pesto hummus on focaccia bread. If you’re looking for the ultimate southern stack, this saucy sandwich is a must-try.  


Inga’s Subs & Salads

Amongst the hustle and bustle of LSU’s busy campus lies a hidden gem adored by students and locals alike: Inga’s Subs & Salads. This little sandwich shop creates flavorful subs with a homemade taste for an affordable price. Sandwich orders vary from simple selections like a club sandwich to the indulgent steak sandwich, a crowd favorite. With LSU’s lakes and oak-lined campus sidewalks only steps away, it’s the perfect place to pop in for a bite or pack your picnic for a quaint afternoon.


MJ’s Cafe

When Maureen Joyce announced she was opening a vegetarian restaurant in Baton Rouge, the common response was: you’re crazy. Though Louisiana cuisine relies heavily on meat and seafood, Joyce wanted to prove that vegetarian and vegan options have a place in the south. Currently located in White Star Market, MJ’s Cafe makes all of their delicious food daily. If you’re still a little hesitant, try some of these familiar sandwich dishes: a BLT sandwich with coconut bacon or a cauliflower and chickpea wrap tossed in buffalo sauce with vegan ranch.


Fete au Fete

Down here, some of the best eats can come from a small kitchen in a food truck. Chef Micah Martello, a Baton Rouge native, took the culinary world by storm with his talent, but returned to Louisiana with a food truck and catering business called Fete au Fete. In this truck, he created a sandwich adored by locals and visitors alike: The Cajun Cubano. With spiced pork loin and Tasso ham–a South Louisiana staple–it’s a Cajun twist on a Cuban classic. You can pick up one of these bad boys either in the Fete au Fete food truck on LSU’s campus or in the Mid City White Star Market.



Denham Springs native Justin Ferguson created BRQ’s menu to represent carefully crafted food with a farm-to-table feel. Though there are many sandwiches on this menu to choose from, locals have been raving about the Pastrami Grilled Cheese. Complete with brisket, BRQ’s special sauce, and two cheeses on marble rye, this grilled cheese is perfectly savory and satisfactory.


Elsie’s Plate and Pie

Inspired by the recipes of one beloved grandmother here in Louisiana, Elsie’s Plate and Pie has become a fast favorite in Baton Rouge. Though the pies are the main attraction, one must not forget about the plate—in this case, a melt. The Hot Crawfish Melt is often recommended to anyone looking for a classic dish with some Louisiana flair. It features crawfish, smoked Gouda and Pepper Jack cheese with jalapeños and caramelized onions on sourdough bread. Pull up a chair and taste flavors that will transport you into a Cajun grandmother’s kitchen.